Training Plans for Half Marathon

A human resources and sustainability executive by profession, Thomas Ezrin currently serves as senior vice president for Flextronics in San Jose, California. In his free time, Thomas Ezrin stands out as an accomplished runner and has completed such races as the 2013 Lake Mercedes Half Marathon.

When preparing to run a half marathon for the first time, a runner should begin by building up the stamina needed for a 13.1-mile race. Experts suggest that this preparation entails a regular running schedule of 10 to 15 miles each week. Runners and trainers alike have developed and published a variety of sample training schedules, but most involve three to five running days per week for 12 to 20 weeks before race day.

Training plans typically involve runs for speed and tempo. Speed and tempo runs work in collaboration, as speed training helps the runner achieve distance in less time, and tempo runs help the person to maintain that speed. A runner’s speed work sessions should vary in distance; experts suggest 400-, 800-, and 1,600-meter repetitions. Runners should also work on increasing speed in both tempo and long-distance runs, so they will be confident in being up for the challenge of the race.


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