About Thomas Ezrin

1380295421_Kelley WN_PhotoA human resources (HR) professional for over a decade, Thomas Ezrin understands the importance of developing strategic agendas and utilizing human capital to the best of its potential. Commencing his professional life as a California Certified Public Accountant, Ezrin garnered experience in taxes and international transactions before focusing on HR. Skills he has developed throughout his career include written communication, talent management and engagement, executive compensation, and corporate and expatriate tax planning. Currently, Thomas Ezrin serves as senior vice president of global HR operations for Flextronics International and supervises its HR departments in 30 countries, as well as its Centers of Excellence.

In recognition of his accomplishments, Ezrin has been invited to present at industry events. He appeared as a panelist for the Silicon Valley Education Foundation’s “Race To The Top” Education Forum. The Human Capital Leadership Summit and the San Francisco Leadership Summit both featured him as a speaker. Before appearing at the Marcus Evans Corporate Benefit Summit in 2011, Thomas Ezrin gave an interview in which he discussed the components of successful benefits initiatives, among them, developing fun and multi-faceted wellness programs that encourage better health practices in participants, and keeping things simple as a way to motivate employees. Moreover, he has extensive international experience, and has spoken at Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in China.


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